What I would rather be doing right now…


This image is from the film Dracula. I copied it and got all pop art with it. The image was taken from fanpop.com, but it was made awesome by me.


Anything else. In this moment, I would rather be doing anything else. I am sitting in an office at 2:10 pm counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until I can break free of this cubicle prison. Do not get me wrong, I am grateful to be able to work. It’s just in this moment, I would rather be doing something else. I have achieved all the things that family and “society” have expected of me. They said “Go to school.” I did, What now? They said “Get a job.” I did, now what? They said “Get married.” I did, Now what? They said “Start a family.” We tried but no success, Now what? Now I am sitting in an office doing a job that really doesn’t satisfy me. I passed through construction work today. I passed people who were holding signs that say “Slow” and when you twist it, “Stop.” I’m sure at the end of the day, they can look at the road work and say…I accomplished something. I can’t say that I can.  I find myself living to work instead of working to live. I have a cousin who works basically enough to support his Rock Climbing habit and to put a roof over his head. Its not that I am jealous of the “freedom,” I don’t mind working hard. I compare it to working out…working out is much “harder” when you don’t enjoy the exercise. When you find a job or exercise that you enjoy, you don’t “work” a day in your life. I am glad that I have flexibility in my job but it was not what I imagined when I thought of a career- the sitting at a desk. Have you ever felt stuck? Leave your comments below.

Not suitable for children


There was a strange abbreviation that I saw on the internet several years ago that looked like this :TTC. At first I thought the group TLC had reformed and out of respect for Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez replaced her with a member whose name started with a T. After a couple of internet searches I discovered the meaning behind it: Trying To Conceive. At the time I didn’t know what the big deal was. Why were women all over the internet “complaining” about TTC. I mean come on, it’s as simple as insert tab A into slot B and biology will do the rest. As I would find out later, sometimes biology has appointments else where. Getting pregnant is not a simple task. My wife and I have been trying for a long time. I don’t really know any more if we are really “trying.” We were told so many times “Oh relax, it will happen.” We relaxed. Nothing happened. My wife’s doctor told her to count the days she was ovulating and to “pee on a stick” or in other words get an ovulation test. I don’t know if “pee on a stick” is the proper medical term, but that is what she told my wife. We were told to basically have my wife do a handstand after sex and that will do it. Besides getting a good chuckle, nothing happened. We tried different lubricants. If someone told us to howl at a full moon, you can bet we would have tried it. It gets to the point you start to ask yourself “What did I do to deserve this?” It seems so easy for others, what is wrong with me/us? I’ve wondered if Heavenly Father is withholding the blessing of a child due to a sin I forgot to repent of. Did I take too many baths as a child? Did I set the lap top on my lap for too long? What is wrong with my little swimmers? Have I been labeled “Not Suitable for children” and not told about it? It is frustrating. Henry David Thoreau once said “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” I think this is true for the men in couples who are TTC. We are 50% of the creation process. Those negative results each month are just as hard for us. We question ourselves just as much. It’s as if each month that little line is a minus symbol telling us that there is something that we are missing. Now years later after originally discovering  the letters T T C, I’m on the internet “complaining” about TTC.

Breaking Bald

breaking bad

I don’t know if you have noticed in the past several years how “bald” has become very popular. There have been people in the past that shaved it all off because their hair was leaving them anyway (see Bruce Willis). Bryan Cranston’s Walter White is now an icon of pop culture. Even before Breaking Bad exploded, men were grabbing their razors and freeing themselves from the social confines of gel, highlights, and sculpted hair. Whether a person is losing their hair or not, men are grabbing the razor and declaring freedom. I personally enjoy the trend. I have no trouble growing hair, I just happen to not care for it anymore. My family hates when I shave my head. That is one of the drawbacks to being the baby of the family. No matter how old I get, my family freely gives their opinion on my hair styles.

Headblade is a great little blade for shaving your head. If you go to their website and look at the reviews for the headblade sport and Headslick 8 oz, you can see the reviews that I posted. They are not your typical reviews! And just for the record, when I hear someone shaved their head I think of a bald head. People use shaved head to describe a “buzz cut.” Don’t get it twisted people!

An attitude of Gratitude

Each Novemember people try their hardest to be the most thankful person that they can convince others on social media to think they are. So here is my answer to the ever so popular Days of Gratitude you see people post on Facebook.
Day #1—I’m Thankful for my the inventor of pepperoni pizza
Day #2—I’m thankful that I’m so cool
Day#3—-I’m Thankful to have extra napkins in my car for spills and sneezes
Day#4—-I’m Thankful for debit/credit cards—because they make me feel like I’m not REALLY spending my hard earned money
Day#5—-I’m Thankful for Wendy’s getting rid of “Biggie Size” and now just ask small, medium, or large
Day#6—I’m Thankful for the Facebook and Pandora that get me through time spent in the office
Day#7—I’m Thankful for people that don’t pay attention and walk into glass doors spilling coffee on themselves
Day#8—I’m Thankful for Security Camera’s placed in the right spot to catch above Day#9—I’m Thankful for the saxophone player on SNL that plays to let you know it is over
Day #10–I’m Thankful for Action, Horror and Kung fu movies that have helped me plan for what I will do in various life threatening situations
Day#11–I’m Thankful for Brad Pitt’s Chanel #5 commercials because I don’t still don’t get it and it makes me think
Day #12—I’m Thankful that someone decided what the world needed was sugar covered marshmallows in the shape of various creatures and created Peeps
Day #13—I’m Thankful for cardigans because they make me feel like Mr. Rogers
Day#14- I’m thankful for people who drive large tucks and/or SUV’s, talk on their cell phone and act like they are the only one’s on the road, not only do they make me pray harder, but I also get the opportunity to have several near death experiences and gain a new appreciation for life almost daily
Day #15—I’m Thankful that when I was a few years younger, my older brother taught me that food could be a weapon by hitting me in the head with a bag of Doritos that caused the bag to explode and chips go all over the place as well as slap me with and smear a slice of pepperoni pizza from Papa Johns in my face.
Day # 16— I’m Thankful that Burger King has an “Angry” Whopper to match the attitude/disposition of their employees.
Day #17– im thankful when I go to a resturaunt and see a Dad on a ipad or kindle fire, mom texting on her phone, one child on a video game, the other with earphones in listening to a mp3 player and no one is interacting. I know I will see them in therapy a few years from now because they can’t communicate
Day 18— I’m thankful for this…   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn_DmEzenuc&feature=player_embedded
Day #19–I’m thankful for Bobby Brown who taught me ” Everybody’s talking all this stuff about me, Now now why don’t they just let me live, Oh oh oh i don’t need permission, Make my own decisions oh, That’s my prerogative”
Day 20— I’m thankful for people who go to Wal-Mart, stores, etc. in the middle of the day in pajamas for alerting the rest of us that they have basically given up
Day 21— I’m Thankful for Gustavo Almador. I need a better way to say my name to clients.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk0wDbyKcSg&feature=player_embedded
Day 22— I’m thankful for public displays of family dysfunction. When I was in Wal-Mart last evening (always the preferred time and place for people watching), a father was yelling “Whatever!” at his adult child then stomped away/out of the frozen vegetable aisle into the deli. I thought the child was supposed to have tantrums
Day #23—-I’m thankful that there is a day set aside that makes it socially acceptable to over eat and then take a nap. Happy Thanksgiving one and all!
Day 24— I’m thankful that my turkey turned out great and my parents who don’t care for turkey really liked it.
Day 25—I’m thankful that I could go to Target Friday night with no fear of being stomped/stepped on after all the “Black Friday” shoppers had passed out from being up/shopping since the early am.
Day 26-I don’t have children yet, but I’m thankful that I plan to teach them how to answer questions in school like a politician. “Thank you teacher for that question, I love that you asked me that. I’d like to thank my classmates for being in class today so that we could answer that great question you just asked. My parents taught me the importance of going to school and answering questions like you just asked. I think teachers who ask such great questions are the backbone and heart of America. I think the word you asked me to spell, is spelled C-O-W-C-H.”  Teacher: “Couch does not have a W in it.”  “Well, based off the information that I had at the time, I spelled couch with a W in it. I think that if you give me more time I can fix how I spell couch
Day 27-I’m thankful that  If I win the power ball, ill think of you all as I swim in a pool of one dollar bills. And the first person to show up on my door step and do the truffle shuffle like chunk from the goonies for ten minutes, I will give 50,000 dollars. Ill make it 75,000 if you let me film it and put it on youtube
Day 28–I’m thankful for National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.
Day 29–I’m thankful that I got my first pair of Puma’s this week. Woohoo!
Day 30—Im thankful for the my reverse psychology New Years resolutions for 2013. I plan to gain weight, spend more, only eat vegetables and fruits to avoid scurvy.

Help, Help! Oh please help!

Dear wordpress followers and friends, I have a small request to ask of you. Several years ago, I served a two year mission for my church. On my mission, I had a missionary companion from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He loved rock especially punk. He is in a band that is competing for a year on the radio. Help make some punk rock dreams come true (even if you don’t like punk rock). Take some time to make some rock dreams come true!

Lets make this happen people! Go to this site….you don’t have to register or anything and vote for Kaktus. http://www.esonofm.blogspot.com.ar/

Here is a sample of their music. Enjoy!




Wisdom from the 23 yr old me

From a journal entry I had to do for an English class:

“I think comparing our childhood dreams to our adult reality can teach us many things about ourselves. We can look at what changed in our life that caused us to switch paths for our future. Did our parents disapproved of our goal and dream? Did we think that we weren’t good enough to meet the challenge of becoming this or that? Did we grab hold of our dream and pursue it? What made us want to be a doctor, a nurse, etc. when we were younger? I think by answering tese questions and more, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and our true desire in life.”

A Lust For Life

I'm seeing stars

As I stepped outside tonight to take my dog to use the bathroom, I looked up at the night sky to look at the few stars that I could see. A memory instantly popped up from the archives from my adolescent years. My friend Neil and I had taken our dates out to his grandfathers “land” after a movie. I don’t remember anything that was said that night,or what movie we saw but I do remember the stars. There were so many, more than I had seen in a long time. And then moon was huge and so bright there was no need of a flash light. And it was so quiet. I remember the feeling of that experience. Even now, I would love to go to that grassy hill at night and just sit. And be.

The world seemed full of possibility at that age. The four of us who were present that night eventually went our separate ways. We all got married. One is a parent. Two have gotten divorced. All have scars both visible and invisible. The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity.

So what happens to that excitement we have as youth? Does it get buried beneath responsibility and bills? Do you ever experience that same excitement and hope about life? I still get flashes of it like when I see a good movie for the first time or see one that I like that I haven’t seen in years ( if you have Netflix check out 3 o’clock high), when I get a smile from a stranger, finding money in a pocket, hear a good song, find a good quote, get new clothes (I don’t really like trying them on though), seeing a good play, drink a cold Dr. Pepper from a can, see good live music, etc.

What gives you a lust for life?